Looking for latest Income Tax Return Forms (ITR)?  



Where can I find the latest Income Tax Return forms?
For Financial Year 2009-2010, the Income Tax Return forms are ITR1 (for salary, one house and interest income), ITR2 (for all types of income excluding business income) and ITR4 (for all types of income including income from business and profession.

To download ITR1 click here. To download ITR2 click here. To download ITR4 click here. To download ITR Acknowledgment Form click here.
To download Class 2 Digital Signature Form click here

How does TaxSpanner work?
TaxSpanner spares you the headache of understanding the Income Tax Act and the Income Tax Forms. It works in three easy steps:

  • Provide Information. Enter your income (multiple form16's, capital gains, house property etc), deductions. You can send your Form 16 by Email.
  • Review and Efile your return. TaxSpanner generates your completed income tax return (ITR1 / ITR2 / ITR4) instantaneously.
  • Receive ITR-V in Email. Drop your signed ITR-V at the TaxSpanner drop-box or courier it to us. We will post it to CPC.
If you think that TaxSpanner could be useful for you, click here to start your income tax return. Payment and/or Registration are not required to start.

Can I see a sample of the income tax return form generated by TaxSpanner?
Sure. Click here to download a sample ITR1 Form. Click here to download a sample ITR2 Form. Click here to download a sample ITR4 Form.






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