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Tax Changes FY 2013-14: Mismatch of TDS amount

In case you have a mismatch of TDS amount, you can get its benefit if you visit the assessing officer on your own instead of ...

Tax Changes FY 2013-14: A house abroad, more returns

According to recent judgments, anyone purchasing a property outside India is still eligible to avail deduction under section 54F. This is subject to the purchase ...

Tax Changes FY 2013-14: Property investment equals more deduction

On the basis of various judgments, it was held that relief under section 54 cannot be denied to assessee if the capital gain amount is ...

Tax Changes FY 2013-14: Contribution to health schemes

Earlier no deduction was available under section 80D for the contribution made in other health schemes offered by the central and state government which were ...

Tax Changes FY 2013-14: Life insurance premium deductions

At present section 80C allows deduction on life insurance premium paid only when premium paid is less than 10% of the sum assured. However, said ...

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As a software engineer, I was always concerned about return filing. Taxspanner website has made me confident of doing taxes on my own..

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Software Engineer, Bangalore